Smith and Ghent Detention Pond

The Smith and Ghent Detention Pond project is a re-construction of an existing detention basin in the City of Akron, for Sterling Jewelers. The project site totaled to 2.1 miles (1344 acres) of drainage area. TGC Engineering was involved in clearing and transporting sediment and grading underground utilities and landscaping with hard surfaces. TGC anticipated heavy regulatory involvement to diverting water from work areas, while creating a stone-lined earth dam to divert off-site water flow to the existing pond.

Key Features:

  • 2,100ft of Walking Path
  • Stone-Lined Earth Dams used to Divert Off-Site Water Flow to the Pond


  • Skimmer Dewatering Device
  • Diversion Pumping
  • Stone Diversion Weirs
  • Sediment Basin
  • Portable Sediment Capture Device
  • Vegetated Buffer
  • Sediment Trap