Toledo Botanical Garden – Hill and Ditch Restoration, Bank Stabilization

Toledo Botanical Garden is a 60 acre public park located in Toledo, Ohio. TGC engineered a stream restoration and dam removal project to prevent soil erosion and sediment deposit and to improve water quality. A natural tributary to the Maumee River was created by removing two concrete low-head dams. TGC also replaced two in-line, sediment laden ponds with an off-line pond and 1,250 lineal feet of restored stream. The stream was designed with Natural Channel Design methods to engage the floodplain and naturally transport sediment.

Stabilization Devices Used:
  • Channel armoring
  • Rock ledges for fish habitat
  • Rock Riffles
  • Bendway Weirs
  • Large sitting stones
  • Single Stone Bendway Weirs
  • Backfilled Erosion Control Banks
  • Live Stake Willow Poles
Key Features:
  • Wetland Enhancement
  • Replaced 3+ acres of in-line, sediment laden ponds with an off- line pond and 1250 feet of restored stream