City of Medina Historic District Water Main Improvements

City of Medina is located in Medina County, Ohio. TGC performed a Topographic survey and boundary analysis of 1,700 linear feet for the City of Medina, located along S. Court Street from W. Smith Rd. to W. Washington St. and W. Washington St. from S. Elmwood to S. Vine St. TGC was responsible for Vertical and Horizontal project control for City of Medina Historic District water main improvements project. TGC created base drawings for new water line replacement, and researched utility information for the desired area.

Key Features:

  • Utility Mapping of Historical┬áDistrict of Medina
  • Urban work environment
  • 1700 linear feet of surveying
  • Prep of base drawing for water line replacement
  • Provided 50 feet of cross sections