Local Civil Engineering Firm, TGC Engineering, Serves Big Customers from New Small Town Home

Always looking for ways to grow, Travis Crane, President of TGC Engineering, a civil and environmental engineering firm that also offers surveying and 3D laser scanning services, spotted an unlikely new home for the company on the circle in Sharon Center, Ohio.

Sharon Center, OHIO - TGC Engineering LLC  had been growing for the past few years. Employees were sharing work areas and space was tight. TGC Engineering now resides in a beautiful Western Reserve Style building previously occupied by a bank on the southeast corner of Sharon Center Circle in Medina County. The building has two floors and lots of room to spread out and grow. The new home of TGC Engineering is now 1310 Sharon Copley Rd. in beautiful Sharon Center, OH.

After doing business in Medina County for more than 10 years, Travis Crane was reluctant to leave the county. He says, “Even though we have clients across the country, Medina County is a great place for us to call home. We always thought we needed to be part of a commercial industrial park with lots of other companies. Finding this building right here in Sharon Center was a pleasant surprise.”

Sharon Township has always prided itself on being a business friendly community with the amenities necessary to help neighbor companies grow. Kimberly Bolas Miller, a Trustee for Sharon Township was pleased by the addition of TGC Engineering as a new neighbor.

“We are happy to have TGC Engineering as a new member of the business community here in Sharon Township,” says Ms. Miller “Their work is one of the key areas for sustainable growth in Northeast Ohio.”

“Our core industries, civil engineering and surveying, are leading indicators for economic growth.

“Our core industries, civil engineering and surveying, are leading indicators for economic growth. We have been fortunate to be able to grow with customers like AT&T, The Davey Tree Company, Redwood Management, and Pride One Construction,” says Travis Crane. Offering civil engineering, municipal engineering, surveying and 3D laser scanning services has allowed TGC to work with some very forward-thinking companies.

“We have been fortunate to participate in projects like the stream restoration of Toledo Botanical Gardens, numerous fiber optic installations for AT&T, Shale Creek Golf Course, and the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge over I-95 in Connecticut,” says Travis Crane. 

“We wanted to stay in Medina County and found this opportunity in Sharon Center. The location is perfect for us with close access to highways and direct routes all across the state. 

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